Question: how can I reach the hostel? is there public transportation available from the airport to city center? Is there any bus, train or shuttle?

Issue: all international flights, land on Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport(IKA), there is limited train access during working hours, and airport taxis are extremely expensive.

Solution: you just need to let us know your arrival time! We will be waiting for you with your name tag, no matter how long your visa issuance would take by only 20 Euro.

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Question: what exchange rate? How much commission should I pay?

Issue: There is one official exchange rate legislated by the government and if you change at the airport, banks or governmental exchange, they use official rate. However, the exchange rate in the free market is 3-4 times more than the official rate!

Solution: you can change your money by “free market” exchange rate in our reception.

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Question: which cities are worthy to visit? Which locatios are more ? How to reach there?

Issue: not so many people are speaking English in Iran, in addition, English content about specific local areas can’t be found on the internet. That’s why, regular tourists cant reach Iran culture, nature and gastronomic attractions which enriches the experience.

Solution: you just need to let us know about your interests. We will design a specific tour based on your demand no matter it is adventure mountain climbing/skying tour or city tours .our solutions are cheaper than doing it by yourself. We guarantee that your local experience would be unique. click here to see our offered tours or contact us to customize your unique experience.

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Question: I can’t live without the Internet, how can I buy Simcard at arrival?

Issue: having access to the internet is a vital issue for tourists. Roaming services are usually super expensive. Buying simcard usually takes too much paperwork and its not possible to pay by your visa, master or PayPal!

Solution: you can easily get your Simcard at our reception. We will find the best and cheapest Tariff based on the duration of your stay in Iran.

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Question: how to use public transportation with the cheapest Tariff?

Issue: using public transportation in Tehran is not possible without Tehran card. in addition, you do not need to buy it since you might stay in Tehran for only a few days!

Solution: just ask reception for a bus pass and pay 5 euro as a deposit. You will be charged only 1 euro per day no matter how many times you used buses or subway.

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Question: How to buy tickets for bus, train or flights to other cities? Can I use my Visa, Master, Paypal cards to buy tickets online?

Issue: unfortunately, Iran banking system is under sanction, so you can’t use your cards in Iran. To buy tickets from Iranian airlines or train providers, you need to have Iranian bank account!

Solution: just let us know about your destinations and time limitation, we will buy your tickets and will offer the best solutions to visit a different destination free of charge.

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Question: How to book a hotel or hostel in other cities of Iran? Does international online booking platforms work in Iran?

Issue: most of famous platforms for booking hotel and hostels don’t provide service for Iranian due to the sanction. However, there are Iranian platforms to book your accommodation which needs an Iranian bank account for online booking!

Solution: just let us know about your priorities for booking accommodation, we will offer and find the best accommodation based on your travel type free of charge.

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Question: May I leave my luaggages in hostel?

Issue: Traveling with luggage especially when you have a few hours to visit a city is a headache. You also might like to travel to other cities without your big luggage.

Solution: you can leave your luggage for only 1 euro up to 12 hours and 2 euros per day!

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Coffeeshop- Restaurant- Shisha- Shared kitchen- Laundry- Iron-safebox- Free wifi- and whatever you might need!

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