Iran Tour (14days)

Iran Tour (14days)

Iran Tour (14days)


icon-check-circle-o Visit three historic capital citys of Iran during of 2500 years of history

icon-check-circle-o Unique experience of different climates such as deserts and forests in one trip

icon-check-circle-o A balanced combination of history, culture and nature tours

Activity Sightseeing (culture, history, nature) Meal 14 breakfasts, 14 lunches , 13 dinners
Accommodation Hostel, villa, residence Season All seasons
Transportation Car Requirement

Iran tour is suitable for every tourist who want to visit most elegant parts of Iran history, culture and amazing nature of Iran. We are eager to familiarize our guest with amazing Iranian food and celebration during of our tripe. We suggest unforgettable tripe in 14 days that you must try it once in your life.


After airport pickup and transfer to the hostel we would visit atractions in Tehran:

1. Tabiat Bridge (the largest pedestrian overpass in Tehran)

2. Book garden (biggest book store in world).

3. War museum

We will leave Tehran in the morning and drive three hours to the city of Kashan. This city is well known for its beautiful traditional houses. We will also visit the historical and mysterious Fin complex in Kashan.

We will leave our accommodation in Kashan to visit Abyaneh village, one of the oldest villages in Iran. Abyaneh is characterized by a peculiar reddish hue. We will have a stop on our  transfer to the city of Yazd, to watch the beautiful night sky of the desert.

Yazd is the biggest clay city in the world. This city is located in the middle of the desert. We will walk in the old alleys of the city and visit some monuments such as the Alexander prison, old Bazaar, Ja’me masque, and Mirchakhmakh square. Yazd is known as the city of wind catchers.

In 1272 it was visited by Marco Polo, who remarked on the city’s fine silk-weaving industry.

We will spend the last day in Yazd on a time travel to “Zoroaster” era. He was an ancient Iranian-speaking prophet. His teachings and innovations on the religious traditions of people developed into the religion of Zoroastrianism. We will visit sites like the fire temple and Dakhme (dungen).

We will leave Yazd in the morning and continue our time travel to 2500 years ago when Hakhamanshian dynasty rulled more than half of civilized world. Marvdasht is our next destination. We will visit Persepolis, Pasargad and Naghsh-e Rostam monuments.

Shiraz, city of poems and flowers is our next destination. Many believe Shiraz is the reflection of Iranian culture. We spend a day to visit unique sights such as tomb of Hafez and Sa’adi (great persian poets), Arg of Karimkhan and Bazar Vakil.

On eighth day we will transfer from Shiraz to Isfahan. Isfahan was the Capital of Iran during Safavieh era and is known in Iran as half of the world. We start exploring Isfahan in the evening. We will visit Naghshe Jahan, Si-o-se-pol, Chehel Sotoun and Alighapoo.

On this day, we will visit Bazaar, Menar Jonban, Hasht Behesht, Fire temple.

On the 10th day we will return to Tehran from Isfahan and visit the Grand Bazaar, city center, Azadi tower. We will spend the night at Vono hostel.

We visited the Central plateau of Iran until now. It is time to visit the north of Iran which has a completely different climate from the central parts. We will travel to Caspian Sea from Chaloos road. Seeing the unique attractions of this beautiful road makes you feel like you are traveling to another world. We will swim in the Caspian sea and then drive to Ramsar (where the forest and sea meet). We will spend the night in a villa in the heart of the forest.

Transfer along the coastline to Rasht and a short stay in this historical city is a part of our trip to Ghale Rudkhan (Rudkhan castle). This is a brick and stone medieval fortress that was built by Iranians to defend against the Arab invaders.

We will return to Tehran for the last time to visit Milad Tower, the tallest building in Iran, and the Grand Bazaar of Tehran.

We will drive you to the Airport and hope to see you again soon. There so countless other attractions and monuments waiting to be visited by you on your next tour!



Tour leader  icon-check Insurance ×
meals as mentioned    Visa ×
entrance fee    Equipment (rent if needed) ×
transport as mentioned       
Accommodation as mentioned       
Airport Transfers       
1 CAR 1 VAN  
1 person: 2040 euro 7-12 persons: 990 euros per person  
2 persons: 2590 euro    
3 persons: 3445 euro