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Tehran, the capital of Iran, with a population of 14 million, is the combination of ancient Persian culture and modern lifestyle. Tehran tour comprises 3 different itineraries which you can choose one or more of them according to your interests.


Tabiat bridge: Tabiat Bridge was designed by Leila Araghian as part of a local competition for the design of a bridge to connect two parks in north Tehran which were separated by a highway

Tajrish Bazaar: The traditional bazaar of Tajrish neighborhood will be renovated over 18 months at an estimated cost of about 28 billion rials. Tajrish bazaar has been built according to architectural style which closely resembles the traditional bazaar located in downtown Tehran.

Darband: Darband, formerly a village close to Tajrish, Shemiran, is a neighborhood inside Tehran’s metropolitan limits. It is the beginning of a popular hiking trail into Mount Tochal, which towers over Tehran. A chairlift is also available for those not interested in hiking.

Saadabad palace: The Sa’dabad Palace Complex is a 300-hectare complex built by the Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs, located in Shemiran, Greater Tehran, Iran. Today, the official residence of the President of Iran is located adjacent to the complex.

Negarestan Garden: Negarestan Garden is one of the significant historical and cultural sites of Tehran. Being located in the city center, the garden is a must-see place for tourists, who find interest in the history of Iran cultural development. 

Azadi Tower: The Azadi Tower is a monument located on Azadi Square in Tehran, Iran. It is one of the landmarks of Tehran, marking the west entrance to the city, and is part of the Azadi Cultural Complex, which also includes a museum underground.

Golestan Palace: The Golestan Palace is the former royal Qajar complex in Iran’s capital city, Tehran. One of the oldest historic monuments in the city of Tehran, and of world heritage status, the Golestan Palace belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran’s arg (“citadel”).

Grand Bazaar: The Grand Bazaar is an old historical bazaar in Tehran, Iran. It is split into several corridors over 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) in length, each specializing in different types of goods and has several entrances, with Sabze-Meydan being the main entrance

Milad Tower: Milad Tower, also known as the Tehran Tower is a multi-purpose tower in Tehran, Iran. It is the sixth-tallest tower and the 24th-tallest freestanding structure in the world. It is located between Qarb Town and the district of Gisha, standing at 435 meters from the base to the tip of the antenna. 

Chitgar Lake: Chitgar Lake is an artificial and recreational lake located to the north of Chitgar Park in northwestern Tehran, Iran. Also known as the Lake of the Martyrs of the Persian Gulf, the complex has a total area of around 250 hectares; 130 hectares across the lake and 120 hectares on its coastal zone and resorts.

Shams Palace: Shams Palace is a large estate designed by Taliesin Associated Architects on instructions from princess Shams Pahlavi, elder sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of homeland. It was built in the early 1970s and it is located in Mehrshahr near Karaj.

Chaloos Road: Road 59, also known as the Chalous Road or Kandovan Road, is an important road for people of Tehran, a large number of whom drive to popular tourist attractions in the north of Iran on weekends and for holidays. This road is one of the busiest roads in Iran. 


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